BeamZ ICE1800 Ice Fogger DMX

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BeamZ ICE1800 Ice Fogger DMX

A 1800W professional DMX ice fogger using ice to cool the smoke producing a heavy fog which creeps along the floor. Suitable for various venues, live performance stages and theatres. Equipped with a high quality heating element and a large fluid tank. Supplied with remote control

Features: Large ice fog production Works with standard smoke fluid and ice cubes 2500 ml Fluid tank Thermostatically controlled heater Stand alone mode or DMX Remote control with 3 m cable Specifications: Heating element 1800 W Smoke volume per minute 200 m3 Heat-up time (minutes) 8 Tank capacity 2500 ml DMX channels 1 Power supply 220-240 Vac / 50 Hz Dimensions 750 x 405 x 395 mm Weight 16.9 kg

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