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To pick a movie on Netflix sometimes takes more time than the movie itself. Get yourself a popcorn, take a seat and rather watch our great top 10 list of novelties that we offer.

At the beginning of the year, Pianonova introduced a brand new series of digital pianos called El Clasico. You can get classical design with modern and clean lines exclusively in our shop only – in black and white colours.

Whatever Behringer comes up with goes to the Hall of Fame straight away. This time they have tried to create a microphone and it shouldn't take you by surprise that it is extremely powerful and at a reasonable price. Dynamic, condenser, USB and conference mics. Just pick one.

Portable acoustic panels by Vicoustic are the best you can offer to a good vocalist in a studio, no kidding. Offer AUTO-TUNE to a bad one. Vicoustic blocks all undesired noise and acoustic reflections from recording.

Bluegrass and country genre instruments have been premiered by Recording King. The starring roles: banjo, mandoline, resonator guitar and western models. You really wanna see this blockbuster.

Critics agree that this year's award for the best audio will handed out to Mr. Thorens and his superb turntables. They're meant for demanding audience that appreciates the real quality.

Roland was able to perfectly document the sound of drums in his electronic set TD-07KV. The traditional champion in this segment always improves its sets so the playing experience is authentic as much as possible.

The Boss GT-1000CORE guitar multieffects comes from the future, as it contains 24 simultaneous effect blocks and more than 140 amplifiers and effects that you can alter and connect in various ways. Its creative possibilities in the studio and on stage are unlimited.

Antelope Audio gave birth to a cub named Zen Go Synergy Core. The full-blooded and vital audio converter is compatible with both MS Windows and Mac OS, receives food via USB2 and its heart rate reaches up to 192 kHz.

Pearl River upright and digital pianos have undertaken a long and adventurous journey to your home. Few people know that this manufacturer, coming from Pearl River itself, produces and sells the most key instruments in the world every year. They are undoubtedly masters in their field.

Entertainment during long nights is provided by Magnat, which supplies high-quality Hi-Fi systems. Amplifiers, soundbars, speakers and a handful of other high-end devices - even for your home cinema systems.

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