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  • 1997

    At the beginning there was a determination of a group of friends to try to start their own business in uncertain but adventurous times. They chose a likable segment of musical instrument as their sales area and started a company called GB Music. Although they themselves weren't musicians, they were close to the music and a few weeks later they already served their first customers in a store on Vysoka street in the Bratislava city centre.

  • 1998

    High rent and tight space in the city centre meant that there was a need to move. The store has settled in a broader area around the city centre in Oravska street under the new moniker GBM Europe. There was a 250 m² area formerly occupied by a grocery store with a small 20 m² storage space. 3 employees were working shifts in the store, where they, besides serving the customers in retail, dealt with phone and e-mail orders from the wholesale. Right after they closed the door behind the last customer, they spilled water on the floor in order to evaporate and keep the optimal moisture for the guitars and other string instruments. And the duty wasn't over. They loaded 2 Skoda Octavia cars with the goods for the wholesale clients and rushed to the train station to send an express package via state mail service to the wholesale customers around Slovakia

  • 2000

    A short episode of retail store functioning on the Grösslingova street in Bratislava. Practically since the beginning, the company also operates it's own service and repair department of musical instruments.

  • 2001

    The company is leaving the conventional idea that a musical instruments shop must operate as a separate space behind and, as first in Europe, launches a revolutionary concept of selling musical instruments in the shopping centre. The store is renamed to Music Planet and moved to the newly opened Aupark, the biggest shopping centre in the developing Bratislava region at the time. Looking behind those 20 years, this step proved to be in a right direction despite higher maintenance cost and the company later situates their other stores in the shopping centres in different cities.

  • 2004

    The name Music planet is becoming a thing of the past and Muziker enters the scene. Bold rebranding effort is motivated by chance to expand on the international market with a catchier one word name. The next logical step is launching an internet shop, which in the new millenium enables brand new opportunities how to succeed on the markets outside the company residence. In parallel with the online sales the company uses the opportunity to expand into Czech republic and open its first large store in Prague (Holešovice) with 900 m².

  • 2010

    Our warehouse's capacity cannot satisfy the demand of the internet shop anymore. Therefore we decided to launch first version of complex logistics centre in the industrial area in Lozorno with connection to international highway. The logistics centre with the 950 m² capacity enables regular haul of the goods and speedy delivery by couriers to the customer. In the following years, our warehouse has expanded many times to accomodate the dynamically growing eshop and supplying our physical stores.

    The Anděl store in Prague (CZ) opened.

  • 2011

    We are expanding by opening new stores in Kosice (SK) and Zilina (SK).

  • 2012

    Starting retail operation in Ostrava (CZ).

  • 2014

    We are adding news stores in the city of Liberec (CZ) and Plzen (CZ).

  • 2016

    We grow and expand to other countries. Our eshop with its own customer service are now offering services in 26 EU countries. In most countries we can communicate with customers in their native language.

    Another shop on the map is Hradec Kralove (CZ).

  • 2017

    Muziker is no longer just musical instruments. Besides our love for music we are growing of other hobbies as well. Our collective grew and we expanded our portfolio with segments of golf equipment, yachting gear, various water sports and technological gadgets and smart devices for the leisure time. We are becoming a modern seller of products for leisure time activities.

    A new shop opens in Prague - Chodov (CZ) and Bratislava - Bory Mall (SK), Our network of physical stores for the first time sells non-musical goods and includes the Muziker.GOLF and Muziker.BOATS stores in Bratislava (SK).

    As one of the first eshops we offer payment in Bitcoin.

    Launching the best price guarantee program.

  • 2018

    Extending the portfolio with additional new segments - scooters, accessories for cyclists and bikers, skiers and fishermen.

  • 2019

    Expansion continues with increased capacity. Our logistics centre area reached 7 000 m².

    We are introducing express air delivery, signifcantly shortening the time of delivery to the customer.

    Launching an improved version of our loyalty Muziker club program and expanding with a new segments for the Outdoor activities.

  • 2020

    We face the reality of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Despite the difficulties, we are able to maintain growth and LP records and turntables have been added to our portfolio. We are significantly expanding the selection of sport accessories and introducing a new segment of Creative Tools. It is intended for everyone who devotes their free time to knitting, painting, drawing, sewing and similar craft and artistic hobbies.

    The store with musical instruments is moving from Aupark Shopping Center just across the street – to more spacious and appealing store at the nearby Digital Park.

    Because of the closed operations in our brick-and-mortar stores due to the COVID restrictions, we utilize them as collection points for customers who have made purchase on our eshops.

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